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Random thoughts on programming

Some Things I'm Involved With

Open Source Software

Here is a partial listing of open source code that I've released. This includes only projects that have documentation and that I feel are in good enough shape for consumption by others.

  • Tulip Indicators Technical analysis indicator functions (C)
  • TinyExpr Math expression evaluation library (C)
  • Genann Artificial neural networks library (C)
  • Minctest Minimal unit testing library (C)
  • FsGhost Command-line program for file change monitoring (C)
  • PlusCallback Function/method callback library (C++)

Free Services

F5Bot is a free service I run that will send you an email whenever your keyword is mentioned on Reddit, Hacker News, or Lobsters.


I'm the owner at Tulip Charts LLC and Silo 9 Inc. We do software contracting and consulting. Specializations include stock market analysis and machine learning. Please get in touch if you have a project you would like me to take a look at.

You can find my contact information on the about page.