Random thoughts on programming


Hello Reader,

My name is Lewis Van Winkle. I taught myself computer programming sometime in 1998, and have had no formal training of any kind; Although I have accumulated several hundred pounds of books. I have been lucky enough to work professionally in several programming languages, including Assembly, Basic, C, C++, Javascript, Forth, Lua, Perl, PHP, Python, Scheme, Ruby, TCL, Verilog HDL and dabbled in countless others. I've also done a lot of PLC programming using the terrible languages they're associated with (ladder logic, structured text, instruction list). I've implemented real time software in target systems ranging from multi-CPU servers clear down to Microchip's PIC10F series microcontrollers with 16 bytes of RAM.

I started this blog as a long term project to document some of my thoughts, and perhaps share some of my not too awful code.

You can contact me by email at:

Thanks, Lewis Van Winkle