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20 Feb 2017

Get an email whenever you're mentioned online

I've published a few open source projects, and I noticed that sometimes they would be posted on social media sites such as Hacker News, Reddit, Lobsters, etc. Sometimes I wouldn't notice these posts until days later (if ever), which meant that I did not have an opportunity to join in the discussion.

So I built a bot that scrapes these sites and scans for keywords. It sends me an email whenever one of my projects is mentioned. I decided that it would be pretty easy to turn it into a free service that others might enjoy, and so I did.

It's called F5Bot. F5Bot just takes a list of keywords and will send you an email whenever one of those keywords is mentioned on the social media sites it monitors. It's totally free, so signup and give it a try!

I put up F5Bot in the hope that others would find it useful. I'd love any feedback - good or bad.

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